During Summer and Fall 2011, We participated in the public art project “Vores Kunst” (“Our Art”), and won the competition to decorate the Ferry M/F Ærøskøbing. The Artwork will be realized during 2012.
“Vores Kunst” is a collaboration between The Danish Art Council and The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR. The goals of “Vores Kunst” is to engage the Danish people in the art surrounding them and to create three new sitespecific artworks developed in close dialogue between the citizens and the artists.


Katrine presenting the Ferrymodel at the final of "Our Art" on live danish television in the shipyard in the citySøby on Ærø


Proposal for Ærøfærgerne - model 1:50, material: cardbord, paint



Proposal for Ærøfærgerne - model 1:50, material: cardbord, paint


Randi and Katrine

on their proposals for Ærøfærgerne (Ærø Ferry):

"In our proposal for an artistic treatment of Ærøfærgerne, we have worked with a transformation of the ship's exterior. ”Through our decoration of the ferry’s sides, we want to paint our idea and notion of a classic ferry. By using colors like black, white and yellow and by giving Ærøfærgerne portholes and anchors, we want to create echoes of the great ships that sailed across the Atlantic.
Our artwork is inspired by cutaway drawings of famous ships like Queen Elizabeth and Titanic, but what we proposed was to make a cutaway drawing on an actual ferry. "

A hole in the ferry

On one side of the ferry, the viewer can look into the ship,but what is seen is not what is normally expected to be found on a ferry.”By creating the illusion that behind the car tires are an exotic sandy beach and the saloon deck bar with palms, we want to play with the viewer's expectations of what is found on a small ferry like Ærøfærgen. By adding a number of new spaces to the ship, we have created a kind of imaginary geography or spatiality on the ferry, thus pointing to the many feelings and meanings that can be associated with a sea voyage. We want to make the ferry seem larger, than it really is and make a play between the actual windows, letters, and gratings and the fictional elements that are painted. "

A ferry loaded with imagination
" to some people, the ferry is just a way to get from one place to another, while to others it represents a place where you can let your imagination run wild and dream yourself away to exotic destinations. By creating a peep into the ferry’s imaginary compartment, we open up and visualize the multiple meanings that are attached to the ferry as a public space. "